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XOXO is an American contemporary clothing brand, owned by Kellwood Company. The house of XOXO was founded by Greg Fiene in 1991 as a day-to-evening lifestyle brand. It was the first Juniors contemporary brand to design clothing that can be worn both on runway an on roads, affordable at lower prices. In 1999, Fiene sold the XOXO brand to Aris Industries, Inc., and left the company in 2003. Later on, Global Brand Holdings acquired XOXO and its core apparel lines were licensed to Kellwood Company. XOXO' creations are perfect for young women and teenage girls who appreciate a youthful contemporary sense of style, for those who want to achieve runway looks to compliment their lifestyle. They offered the younger generation the style characterised as feminine, trendy, fashionable and modern, and rounded it with accessories, including handbags, sunglasses, belts and jewelry. The company co... read more »»»


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Founder(s): Greg Fiene
Founded: 1991
Country: USA
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