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Brilliant haute couturiere to the World's most powerful, celebrated women, Vicky Tiel's voyage to the pinnacle of international fashion reads like a modern-day odyssey. Inventor of the mini-skirt, Vicky Tiel is well known for her exquisite, form fitting designs, conceived and executed in the couture tradition of precious fabrics, sensual drapings and assiduous attention to detail.

Vicky started making dresses when she was 9 years old in Chevy Chase, Maryland. In 1964, a star student at New York's exclusive, challenging Parsons School of Design, Vicky was not merely witness to the worldwide fashion revolution that rocked the decade. She was an arch protagonist, a major participant. At graduation, Vicky Tiel earned the high praise of the influential Herald Tribune, proclaiming her Parson's most successful and most creative student.

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Vicky Tiel

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Founder(s): Vicky Tiel
Founded: 1964
Country: France
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