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Fashion house established in Paris in 1969 by Rose Torrente-Mett (she retired in 2003).

Fragrances were introduced in 2002 with L’Or de Torrente. Subsequent fragrances include L’Or Rouge and My Torrente.

Recent releases include L’Or Blanc (2008).

Fashion designer Rose Mett for brand Torrente has been quietly working for years on artistic designs which exude a deep sense of originality and artistry in the details, producing fashions that appeal to women and delight men; a spicy sexy vibe that is elegantly handled to answer women’s needs before they know them themselves. In that vein, Torrente has collaborated with talented perfumer Jean Jacques into producing an exciting and refined portfolio of fragrances that reaffirm the core values of the firm: grace, quality, luxury. Discovering them is like lifting the curtain on an haute couture show’s wings…


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Founder(s): Rose Torrente-Mett
Founded: 1969
Country: France
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