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About Thierry Mugler

"The prophet of Futurism" , as he has been referred to, Thierry Mugler is an instinctive designer who never looks for inspiration. According to Thierry Mugler, "intellect is the servant of the spirit."

He strongly feels that his clothing is modernistic and not futuristic. Clothes of today should have nothing to do with the past. They should create elegance with simple form and structure and add defined shape to the body, volume, form and simplicity.

When one has found a method of self-expression, one evolves with it. His clothing attracts a woman of strength and elan.

Thierry Mugler was born in Strasbourg, France in 1948. He made his first outfit for a girl friend at the age of 14. He joined a ballet company, the Opera du Rhin, then moved to Paris at 19. In 1968 he started working as a windo... read more »»»

Thierry Mugler

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Founder(s): Thierry Mugler
Founded: 1992
Country: France
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