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Paris Hilton helped design a collection of purses for Japanese label Samantha Thavasa, and also a jewelry line for

In 2004, Paris Hilton was involved in the creation of a perfume line by Parlux Fragrances. Originally set to be a small release, high demand led to a wider release before December 2004. The launch was followed by a 47 percent increase in sales of Parlux products, predominantly due to sales of the Paris Hilton-branded perfume. After the success of Paris Hilton's perfume, Parlux Fragrances released several more perfumes with her name, including fragrances for men. Paris Hilton launched a new fragrance in October 2007, called Can Can. This is her fourth women's fragrance after Paris Hilton, Just Me, and Heiress. During the month of November 2008,... read more »»»

Paris Hilton

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Founder(s): Paris Hilton
Founded: 2004
Country: USA
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