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Fashion designer and businesswoman Paloma Picasso was born in 1949 in Vallaurius, France. She is the daughter of artists Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot. At first, Paloma Picasso hesitated to enter the world of design. She did not want to be compared to her father, nor did she relish the unavoidable notoriety his name would provide.

Paloma Picasso has one of the most famous names in modern history. One of the most famous names in the history of art. A name that changed the world. And she wears it well. Because, alongside her enviably individual personal style, and her profound respect for and pride in her father’s work, she is herself one of the world’s most successful jewellery designers. Once she began to show the jewelry she created for Zolotas of Greece in 1971, critics were genuinely impressed. The success of the p... read more »»»

Paloma Picasso

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Founder(s): Paloma Picasso
Founded: 1984
Country: France
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