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About Mick Micheyl

Mick Micheyl was born during the "Année folles" at LYONS, FRANCE. She studied at the Art School in this town, where she won First Prizes.

In 1950, she went to try her luck in PARIS with some pictures under her arm. But, nobody was interested. So, she decided to go on the boards and sing songs she had been writting and setting to music for years for fun. She was a huge success. She hit the stars - Musichall galas, the Grand Prix for recordings, the Casino de Paris ! The 'Gamin de Paris" went round the world.

All during these 22 years of stardom, she kept up her painting, experimenting with materials to find her own technique and self expression : Finally, she opted for stainless steel as a material an electric grinding and polishing machine for a tool.

1973 saw her ready for her first exhibition. To everybody's surprise, she stop... read more »»»

Mick Micheyl

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Founder(s): Mick Micheyl
Founded: 1973
Country: France
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