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About Maurer And Wirtz

Fine fragrances, luxurious body care: Mäurer & Wirtz are specialists for all the things that make people feel even better about themselves. But what makes the company so unique is not only its skill, but its passion – a combination that ensures that Mäurer & Wirtz will continue to enjoy success. Mäurer & Wirtz has launched brands that have enriched the world of fragrance for generations. The company has created perfumes that have become daily companions and which have had a decisive and formative impact on perfume culture. Fashion fragrances by Mäurer & Wirtz have set new trends, and the company's luxury products play a key role in boosting the image of international brands.

The key components in these successes are professionalism, an absolute commitment to service and the company's outstanding creativity in formulating ... read more »»»

Maurer And Wirtz

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Founded: 1955
Country: Germany
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