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Marilyn Miglin
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About Marilyn Miglin

World-renowned beauty authority, author and speaker, Marilyn Miglin is among the nation’s top-500 women business owners. Her signature fragrance, Pheromone, is one of the top-10 fragrances sold in luxury department stores nationwide and each month, more than 65-million television viewers invite her into their homes to purchase her products.

Yet creating unparalleled products that afford their wearers unsurpassed personal expression has not been Ms. Miglin’s only passion. She has also maintained a spirit of altruism and community.

Miglin currently serves on Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley’s special committee on tourism, as an officer of the Chicago Convention, the State of Illinois Board of Economic Development and on the Board of Directors of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Under her presidency, the Oak Street Council raised more than $1 million to pre... read more »»»

Marilyn Miglin

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Founder(s): Marilyn Miglin
Founded: 1978
Country: USA
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