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Mariella Burani
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About Mariella Burani

Mariella Burani once wanted to be a primary school teacher. When she became the wife of Burani Garment Group company's General manger, her life of fashion design began.

During the years of end of 1960s and beginning of 1970s, Burani was named the pet of Italian children's garments. Her design's activity reflects the children's innocence and made her dream of "being king of the children" during her childhood come true. In 1975, she began to be in charge of fashion design of the Burani Company. She attended the highest level Italian fashion presentation – ladies under the Star - several times and was awarded the Italian Republic Knight Prize. She has won the Best Costume Design Prize of Hollywood as well.

Burani now has many monopolies around the world including fine fragrances and perfumes for women such as Mariella Burani and the original Mariella.

Mariella Burani

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Founder(s): Mariella Burani
Founded: 1960
Country: Italy
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