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About Lulu Guinness

The Lulu Guinness brand began in 1989 with one simple handbag design-- a patent briefcase with lots of clear pockets and a bright suede lining. By the next year Lulu was designing full-time in London, and in 1996 celebrated the first Lulu Guinness stand-alone store and reach into international markets. Madonna had become a regular.

In 2003, the Lulu brand expanded into fragrance at an exhibition at Sotheby’s in London that celebrated Lulu’s collectable limited edition accessories, as well as the launch of her first limited edition fragrance.

Now a global fashion contender with everything from sunglasses to couture costume jewelry to home decor and umbrellas under the glamorous Lulu Guinness brand; Lulu Guinness fragrances are unique, elegant, sophisticated and positively alluring.

Lulu Guinness

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Founder(s): Lulu Guinness
Founded: 1989
Country: Great Britain
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