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Juicy Couture
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About Juicy Couture

From jeans to t-shirts to a robust clothing line: "Wake Up and Smell the Couture!" Urban fashion with a flair for stylish California casual is in the room. Best-known for their signature tracksuit "bottom" slogans, Juicy flares with creativity and style. A baby in the fashion world, this 1994 partnership of Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy is "For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff." Juicy Couture continues to surprise fans with its sweet fragrance—“a decadent mix of mouth-watering watermelon and pink passion fruit mingled with notes of wild rose, princess lily, crème brulée and patchouli." Oh, so Juicy and decadent! Other favorites include Dirty English, and Juicy Crittour, a fragrance line for pampered pooches.

Juicy Couture

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Founder(s): Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy
Founded: 1994
Country: USA
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