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Jesus Del Pozo
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About Jesus Del Pozo

Ever since he opened his first boutique on Almirante street, Jesús del Pozo knew he would have to be both a designer and a businessman. Which is why in 1974 he created his first company, that allowed him to supervise his collections' production process. In 1981 he decided to concentrate all his energies on the creative process. This decision was the origin of the Jesús del Pozo S.A., the designer's new company, with a desintegrated business model that concentrates on design, innovation and product development.

Jesús del Pozo S.A. is an organization with the aim of which is to design collections that other companies with which Jesús del Pozo S.A. has reached licensing agreements, will then produce industrially and commercialize. Thanks to the intense creative activity happening in the designer's atelier, there is an ever widening field of product lines on which to work: f... read more »»»

Jesus Del Pozo

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Founder(s): Jesus del Pozo
Founded: 1974
Country: Spain
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