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About Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was born in the USA on 24th July 1970. She is of Puerto Rican descent.

Her debut was as a dancer for the TV show "In Living Colour". She is one of those rare people with multiple talents. She is a dancer, a successful film actress, a singer, and now a model. Her most successful film was "Selena".

She is probably most famous as a singer, having several successful hit albums, her latest being "J.Lo" and recently launched two fragrances "Still" and "Glow" perfumes. She had a long term relationship with celebrity Puff Daddy, who produced his own line of clothing, and music albums but this ended early in 2001.

In 2000, Jennifer Lopez has been contracted by L'Oreal Cosmetics as the face for their beauty products. She will go on to model a great many beautiful products in the future. Jennifer's latest venture is as a Fa... read more »»»

Jennifer Lopez

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Founder(s): Jennifer Lopez
Founded: 2003
Country: USA
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