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Jean Patou was born in Normandy, France, in 1880. Patou's father was a leading tanner (leather maker) and his uncle owned a fur business which Patou joined in 1907. In 1912 Patou opened Maison Parry, a small dressmaking salon in Paris, and sold his entire 1914 collection to one American buyer.

His career was then interrupted by the war, which he spent as an army captain. In 1919, he reopened his salon, this time under his own name. His collections were successful from the start. He showed bell-skirted, high-waisted shepherdess-style dresses, many embroidered in the Russian style. He designed for actresses such as Constance Bennett, Mary Pickford and Louise Brooks, but his finest achievements were in the field of sports wear, which always occupied an important position in his collections.

In the early 20's, his inspired work in the sportswear field gave... read more »»»

Jean Patou

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Founder(s): Jean Patou
Founded: 1919
Country: France
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