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Herve Leger
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About Herve Leger

Herve Leger can almost be called the "King of Stripes. Practically every one of his designs, has stripes or bands in some form or other. These colourful designs are made from elastic bandages hand-stitched together and are very distinctive.

Herve Leger was born in 1957 in a village in the North of France. In 1973 he won a place in art school, so he moved to Paris. He started his career as a hair dresser in Maniatis Salon, but felt that this was not his forte. So in 1975 he changed his profession to hat-making which he felt would lead him into the fashion world. He designed and made up a group of hats reminiscent of Christian Bernard and Elsa Schiaparelli, for Venus et Neptune, the trendiest shop on the Left Bank in Paris.

In 1977 Leger got his first break, when the Italian knitwear designer Tan Guidecelli took him to work for him, where he learned... read more »»»

Herve Leger

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Founder(s): Herve Leger
Founded: 1984
Country: Italy
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