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About Harvey Prince

Harvey Prince was first launched in 2007. The initial focus on fragrance products that have effects on social interactions. Our vision is to be the leader and innovator of smart scents in the prestige fragrance market. We lead in creating and marketing scents for the effects they have. The 21st Century scents will all be about the intelligent scents and human psychology. Harvey Prince & Co. led the way by introducing an instant success- Ageless Fantasy- the world's first anti age perfume. We will continue to lead with innovation and research and to be an outstanding business of integrity and inspiration. Also of importance to the company is allergy tested, environment friendly and absolutely safe products for application on your skin. The products are based on research and expertise of leading dermatologists, psychologists, psychiatrists & doctors.

Harvey Prince

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Founder(s): Harvey Prince
Founded: 2007
Country: USA
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