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If one wished to describe the capabilities of Peter Carl Faberge in a single sentence, one would have to compare him to a choreographer. Just as a choreographer succeeds in combining the different characters of his dancers in a harmonious ensemble, Peter Carl Faberge succeeded in harmonizing the wishes of his customers with the skills of his work masters.

Peter Carl Faberge was born in St. Petersburg in 1846, the son of the jeweler Gustav and his Danish wife Charlotte Jungstedr. There he went to the German private school St. Anna. In 1860 the family moved to Dresden, where Peter Carl Faberge attended the commercial school. After graduation, the 14 year old began an extended study trip, in the course of which he completed training as a jeweler at the house of Friedman in Frankfurt am Main.

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Founder(s): Peter Carl Faberge
Founded: 1872
Country: France
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