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Ellen Tracy is a very well known woman's fashion company since 1960s. Spearheading the design direction since the 60s, Linda Allard has been celebrated for her easy yet sophisticated approach to designs and her creative use of texture and color. Her ability to incorporate her markings of a modern woman's style with her ability to understand the changing needs of an ever evolving lifestyle makes the brand "Ellen Tracy" foreverlasting popular.

Ellen Tracy can be found in specialty stores throughout the United States and Canada. Ellen Tracy now encompasses the signature collection, the more casual CoMPANY collection, petites and a division for larger sizes. In its efforts to making "The Clothing Brand" for the female population, Ellen Tracy's designs for scarves, leather wear, perfume and eyewear remain comparably high.

Ellen Tracy

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Founder(s): Ellen Tracy
Founded: 1960
Country: USA
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