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Born in Arles, France, on 16 May 1951, Christian Lacroix had originally intended to become a museum curator. By the Eighties, he had become a fashion impresario, who was widely credited with single-handedly saving couture, wooing the media with his wildly photogenic designs.

After graduating with a degree in art history from the University of Montpellier, he moved to Paris in 1973, to the Sorbonne, to prepare an MA dissertation on 17th-century costume. It was here that he met his future wife Francoise, who encouraged his design work. In 1978, he secured a position at Hermes, as Guy Paulin's assistant.

In 1980, Lacroix collaborated with the couturier to the Tokyo imperial court. The following year, he joined the house of Jean Patou, with Jean-Jacques Picard. Together, they took up the challenge of haute couture, a level of dressing which was gene... read more »»»

Christian Lacroix

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Founder(s): Christian Lacroix
Founded: 1987
Country: France
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