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Christian Audigier
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Christian Audigier (born May 21, 1958) is a French fashion designer and entrepreneur. Originally from Gap, France, he has designed for such brands as Lee, Liberto, Kookai, Von Dutch and Naf Naf. He made his first mark as a fashion jeans designer. One of his most notable achievements was being the primary force behind the rise of Von Dutch, and making the Von Dutch hat a style trend.

His most recent ventures include the Ed Hardy brand based on the work of Don Ed Hardy; Smet with Johnny Hallyday; and his own namesake Christian Audigier. Audigier has also teamed up with a small cooperative in France, Montpeyroux Estates, to release a line of fine wines. He launched his wine and champagne brand in June 2009 at Movida, a London nightclub.

Christian Audigier

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Founder(s): Christian Audigier
Founded: 1980
Country: France
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