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What perfume Celebrity Wears?

Reveal the secrets of the celebrities' perfumes

Discover the world of fragrant fancies of the most famous people in the planet! Indeed, the famous commandment states “You shall not make for yourself an idol”, but there are some people that are worth taking cue from! We are enchanted by their courage, bright character and achievements. Actors, musicians, singers...Are you eager to reveal their secret?  Would you like to know what fragrances the brightest representatives of the star conclave prefer? Then you have chosen the right page! We have collected the complete information about the perfumes, chosen by the Hollywood and European stars, for our visitors.

What do the celebrities choose indeed?

Did you know that Julianne Moore is a dedicated fan of Intuition by Estee Lauder? And Catherine Deneuve chooses Lheure Bleu by the perfume house Guerlain as well as the famous Chanel №5? The renowned James Bond is the admirer of this house as well: Sean Connery chooses the men’s fragrance Habit Rouge. The brutality of the action film hero Bruce Willice is enhanced by the Angel for men by Thierry Mugler, while the seductive Angeline Jolie chooses...Well, you’ll get to know what Jolie and many other celebrities choose if you look through the pages with star secrets by the Perfumetr. The information about the most favorite fragrances of the stars, who are the examples to follow, collected by us thoroughly, is available now for our visitors!

You too can smell like a star!

Now that you have discovered the secret of the celebrities’ favorite perfumes, you just have to purchase the chosen fragrance...The Perfumetr will help you to make a choice as well - compare the prices on the fragrance that you have selected and choose the website or web-shop where the purchase will be the most profitable.
Thanks to Perfumetr you will always smell like a real star!

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