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Established in 1973, Byblos has been home to the creative genius of Gianni Versace (1977-1979), Guy Paulin (1979-1982), Keith Varty and Allen Cleaver (1981-1996), Richard Tyler and John Bartlett.

Unlike Chloe that embraces the total personality of its current head designer, Byblos has created a style and signature separated from the designer and definitely Byblos. There is no doubt that it has benefited from the creative prowess of each designer who worked with Byblos, but instead of just a conglomeration of ideas, it was a convergence of style that is unique and identifiable as Byblos.

The man behind the scenes is Sergio Girombelli who kept Byblos's vision for the almost three decades. Since its inception, Byblos has always been above all else lightheartedness and easy spirit, a joy for life and living.


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Founder(s): Keith Varty and Alan Cleaver
Founded: 1973
Country: Italy
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