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The year was 1863, and stage actresses in Paris were bemoaning the state of makeup as they knew it - greasy, thick, uncomfortable to wear and damaging to the skin.

Monsieur Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois knew there must be a better way and devoted his time creating a superior quality theater makeup for his muses. It was in this pursuit that he created the world's first powder blush, Pastel Joues.

The blush was a smashing success among Monsieur Bourjois' lady friends. It did not take long for the actresses to spread the word about their new and revolutionary makeup, making women everywhere eager to experience the magic of Bourjois.

Bourjois' little round pots of joy while born in the 19th century, remain the signature of the brand today.As one of the oldest French cosmetics companies still in operation, Bourjois is truly a French expert in beauty, dedicated to alwa... read more »»»


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Founder(s): Monsieur Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois
Founded: 1936
Country: France
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