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In 1940, when Bill Blass left Indiana for New York’s Seventh Avenue, fashion designers were hidden behind the closed doors of the manufacturers’ studios where they produced designs for suits and dresses that would never carry their own names. But Blass stood apart from the crowd: he not only created chic ensembles, he fashioned a social and professional persona that demanded attention. Ultimately, he received the recognition he deserved as his name began to appear on the manufacturer’s label next to the established trademarks. The image of the American designer was forever changed.

Today, Bill Blass is viewed as the quintessential twentieth-century American designer. For some 30 years, he was sole owner of Bill Blass, Ltd. One of the first Americans to design men’s as well as women’s clothing, over the years he expanded his line to include ev... read more »»»

Bill Blass

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Founder(s): Bill Blass
Founded: 1946
Country: USA
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