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Alessandro Dell Acqua
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Alessandro Dell'Acqua stems from the Italian city of Naples with a voracious appetite for fashion. He presented his first prêt-à-porter collection at Milan Moda Donna in 1996 and his first men's line shortly after, at Pitti in Florence in January 1998. The luxury knit company Malo sought Dell'Acqua out to take over as Creative Director and he presented a well-received Spring 2009 collection, before announcing his resignment from the label.

Dell'Acqua is currently back on the scene with a new collection, named N°21 (which comes from the designer's birthday, and is also his lucky number). The 80-piece collection, which spans dresses to knitwear to outerwear, will debut at the upcoming Fall 2010 Milan Fashion Week.

Alessandro Dell Acqua

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Founder(s): Alessandro Dell
Founded: 1998
Country: Italy
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