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About Perfumetr is a revolutionary, web-based, perfume shopping experience that simplifies the way people select and purchase their favorite fragrance.

Perfumetr is the world's biggest perfume price comparison website. Today's 100 top perfume designers and brands are presented. Website does not sell perfume but helps you to compare prices that presented by different and well known online stores.

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Looking for the finest deals as far as perfume is concerned? Fine, you’ve come to the right place. Look no further than the Our site offers over 4000 different perfumes of varied brands for both men and women. Here is the most inspiring info About Perfumetr. It is intended to help our highly esteemed readers choose the best perfume for different purposes. is an innovative site that guides users in their perfume shopping experience. Basically, it simplifies the way different individuals select and purchase a different fragrance depending on their own tastes and preferences. It's worth mentioning that Perfumetr is not a perfume shop as most people may perceive.

We are simply a perfume price comparison website. To deliver the most valid and up to date info on different perfume brands, we partner with the leading online perfume shops. We encourage our customers to look for information here before any purchase is done as we provide you with the best prices that suit diverse budgets. We present clear info about today’s top perfume designers and brands. Perfumetr was recently launched in 2008. Since its launch, the website has rapidly become one of the most comprehensive and largest in the world. We feature thousands of perfumes of varied brands where customers can browse and make their selections before purchasing.

Here are important details to explore:

Perfume for women

Perfumetr offers incredible details as far women's perfume is concerned. Nevertheless, the price list and discounts are all clearly presented to help users get the best deals. Check on this sample list that defines how the website is impeccably presented.

Anna Sui

This is the women perfume fragrance founded by Anna Sui in the 1980s. It is a good perfume for ladies with amazing scents for women. You can purchase this perfume online. Cheapest prices and discounts are available. You can also check the Anna Sui perfume price list on this website.

Men’s cologne

The men's cologne is clearly presented on the website. A clear description of the item name, prices and discounts are well presented. In addition, we depict the perfume designer, year of manufacture, designer, and the directions of use.

Designers list

The perfume brands list and the designers list are well presented. Famous perfume brands, houses and designers are depicted. Here is a sample list of top designers and brands.

Top designers and brands:

Best perfume stores and websites

Perfumetr partners with the leading online stores and retailers in the globe. This ensures that we provide the most valid and up to date info as far as perfumes are concerned. The prices and discounts of different perfume selection are clearly presented. In addition, the perfume shop descriptions for different online stores are clearly provided.

What celebrities wear?

Different celebrities such as 50 cent, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston among the rest are presented with their favorite perfumes. For instance, 50 cent favorite fragrances made for showbiz purposes only. It is not intended as a kind of endorsement. 

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Coupon codes

In this website, we deliver active and the ongoing codes only. Perfume codes from the best online stores are depicted. The date of the expiration of the coupon code is also clearly presented so as to help the clients in planning their dates of making purchases. As a call to action, the customers are encouraged to visit the for the best info as far as different fragrances are concerned. I hope that this About Perfumetr preview is going to be of a remarkable help to my highly esteemed readers.


Women's perfume list

Men's cologne

Perfume designer list

Perfume stores and websites list

Perfume stores

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